history-bookDarver is located in the Barony of Louth. The name “Darver” has its roots in the word “dair” – oak and means “an oak plantation”. The name of our parish is Darver and Dromiskin.


Adjacent to our school is Darver Castle dating back to the 12th century. Patrick Babe, a Norman, was the first owner of the castle. Since then the castle has had a number of owners that include a Mr. Tisdall from Dublin, Abraham Ball from Ballsmill, the Booth Family, McCormicks and the present owners Aidan and Mary Carville.


The nearby Fr. Callan Garden commemorates Dr. Nicholas Callan (1799 – 1864), who was a priest, a writer and a scientist. Born in Darver, Dr. Callan belonged to the golden age of Irish Science. He occupied the Chair of Natural Philosophy in Maynooth College. He was the inventor of the induction coil.